Happy Pride!

It's almost June, and that means a lot of different thing to a lot of different people. Here in the Workshop, June is Pride Month, Juneteenth, and a time of mourning all rolled into one heavy but hopeful period of time. Mainly for us, June is a time of reflection: half of a year gone (or done, depending on your point of view). That includes us reflecting on how we got here as a business: part passion and part necessity (as we are sure many of you can relate to. Tae, our sewist and founder, is passionate about sewing and about equity. 

Despite being forced to participate in capitalism, we try to do it as ethically as possible. Many of the flash sales you see are done to quickly raise funds for an at-risk member of the community, whether they be queer, disabled, BIPOC, or any combo of those (and others). Our fabric waste is upcycled into braided rugs, stuff floor poofs, and quilted items to prevent as much of it going to a landfill as we can.

We are sometimes behind the scenes people: quietly giving time, money and housespace to other humans just trying to make it. We have been known to quickly sew capsule ward drobes for children of families that have lost their home to disaster or capitalism.

But you will also see us loudly and actively supporting our comrades in the streets - we personally donated hundreds of masks to protestors, community members activists to keep them safe from both spreading germs to each other and from the spreading virus that is white supremacy (and that menace known as doxxing). 

This was not written as a way to toot our own horns, but to inform you of this simple fact: when you support our shop, you're supporting marginalized people helping other marginalized people. You're keeping our lights on and in turn helping us care for others. We aren't some big faceless corp angling for your queer bux one a year- we are a small family business trying to take care of ourselves and others and we queer AF all year round.

Guess what we are trying to say is... thank you for your support today and everyday. <3 and happy pride. 


P.S.: our offer of free black masks to those attending protests to fight for human rights remains open and active. Feel free to reach out if you're in need or if you would like to donate towards the cost for someone else: askwednesdayworkshop@gmail.com

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